Our Staff

Pictor Academy


Bev Owens

Chief Executive Officer

Jacqui Wheble

Head of School

Simon Birch

Deputy Head

Karen Larsen

Assistant Head

Hilary Panther

Operational Finance and HR Assistant

Carole Corker

Office Administrator

Liz Moczulski

Receptionist / Admin Assistant

Tracey Nolan

Estates Manager

Speech Therapists

Cathy Colligan

Speech Therapist

Beckie Myles

Speech Therapist

Karen Massey

Speech Therapist

Lisa Dobraszczyk

Speech Therapist

Lindsey Mujagic

Speech Therapy Specialist Teaching Assistant

Marisa Vazquez

Speech Therapy Specialist Teaching Assistant

Other Specialist Support

Eleanor Harrop

Physio Therapist

Debbie Harries

Occupational Therapist

Karleen McKitty

School Nurse

Ali Tyrer

Parent Support Advisor

Class 1

Sarah Stockley

Nicola Jenkinson

Lindsay Mugajic

Lizzie Howells

Amanda Skelhorn

Music Teacher

Insert the desciption of the team member

Class 2

Lee Slater

Sharon Barker

Susie Roberts

Claire Hardy

Class 3

Zsuzsa Nyeste

Nicola Calder

Leigh Webber

Class 4

Kaye Harwood

Carmen Gornall

Jo Bird

Suzanne Stanton

Class 5

Holli Crichton

Lucy Worthington

Katy Crosby

Class 6

Sarah Chambers

Sue Russell

Sarah Costello

Bev Greatrex

Class 7

Yvonne Clarke

Dawn Hegg

Sally Retallic

Margaret Grady

Class 8

Karen Larsen

Bev Armitt

Hannah Carr

Terrie Czarnecki

Scott Stakes

Class 9

Kathy Marshall

Jeannie Hardy

Michael Goddard

Angela Smith

Class 10

Nicky Parsons

Chris Aulton

Deborah Phipps

Class 11

Maura Baker

Cathy Connor

Karen Nolan

Jessica Maxwell

Denice Moulson

Class 12

Stacie Scott

Geoff Long

Nicola Slater

Jayne Shemilt

Class 13

Sarah Anderson

Jill Heywood

Gill Mooney

Jim Burns

Class 14

Carla White

Denice Flitcroft

Bill Allen

Class 15

Amy Grundy

Faria Qreshi

Sarah Howarth

Beccy Perrie

Class 16

Zoe Gmerek

Fiona Daly

Lynne Murphy

Daniel Piggott

HLTA’s (Higher Level Teaching Assistants)

Tracy Hutchings

Sheila Manion

Midday Assistants

Maureen Skidmore

Brigid Tully

Lorna Fiorillo

Vicky Luby

Carla Mitchell

Sam Bradburn

Mary Hickson

Gary Swindley

Aimee Price

Zahida Hussain

Linda Hemsley

Lindsay Yates

Julie Owens

Barbara McDonald

Juliette Bowden



The governing body has an excellent understanding of the school’s many strengths. Its members challenge and support the senior leadership team and gather first-hand information about how well the school is doing from their frequent visits.

Ofsted Report

February 2015