Field Fun

Pictor Academy

Field Fun

Our field days are proving to be very successful.

Staff volunteer to open the field for 2 hours on a Saturday once a month.

Children can play safely in a familiar environment. Parents can meet and chat together over a coffee.

We ask for a voluntary donation of £2 a family which goes towards field development.

In the future we hope to invite children from other SEN schools to join us and ex-pupils to volunteer.

Come along and join us!

we attended the trial field activities at school on Saturday. J had a great time playing on all the apparatus and interacting with his school friends too. It was a lovely welcoming, safe, non-judgemental and great place for him to play and allow parents to feel relaxed. We hope that he can revisit in the future as it was such a valuable part of his weekend activities.

Pictor Parent

April 2018