Pictor Academy

Class 10

Class 10

January 2018

Topic Overview – Ancient Egypt


Egypt and the river Nile

Mummies and the process of mummification

The Pyramids





Interactive activities. On whiteboard

Design a Death Mask using paint program in smart notebook.

Art and Design

Make dolly peg mummies and a sarcophagus.

Create clay amulets


Where is Egypt located on the map?

What is the climate like?

Why was the river Nile Important?


Time topic (seconds, minutes, hours)

Identifying time by the hour and half hour.

Looking at the 3D shape pyramid. Make models from nets, LEGO and multilink cubes.

Individual/small group activities linked to EAP targets.

Physical Education

Apparatus and ball skills with Man City training club.

Weekly swimming sessions in Hydrotherapy pool.

Daily wake up shake up plus.


Recorder session plus tuned instruments – Focus on counting beats and rhythm.

Egyptian themed songs.


Comprehension and writing sentences linked to topic.

Write name using Hieroglyphs Individual writing target

Daily reading programmes with activities linked to EAP targets.

Story of Tutankhamun ~ Children to re-write in own words/Clicker 7

Speaking and Listening

Whole class LEGO Therapy

SLT programmes – small group and individual

Modern Languages (Mandarin)

Weekly Mandarin session with Yu Hong

Many thanks, Class 10 Team

Pictor has been a huge blessing for us as we have absolute piece of mind that our child is getting all the specialist support he needs. The staff have all been supportive and accessible. It feels like being part of a big family.

Pictor Parent

September 2017