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Pictor Academy

Class 11

Class 11

Spring 1 2018

Topic Overview – Ancient Egypt







We will be learning about when and where the Ancient Egyptians lived, looking at maps and thinking about the importance of the River Nile. We will be finding out about the Pyramids, what they were built for, by whom and how they were built. We will be attempting to build our own pyramids from different materials including sugar cubes!

We will be looking at the discovery of the tomb of Tutankamun by Howard Carter and finding out about mummies – the children will be making their own mummies and making and decorating a sarcophagus for each one.

We will be writing names and messages using hierogliphs!

The class will be visiting Manchester museum to see the Egyptian artefacts displayed there.


The class will be introduced to early coding activities using the computer and interactive toys


This half term the children will be working on comprehension which will be linked to the topic.
We will be reading stories about the Egyptians including longer books that will be read over several days.
Spelling and phonics will continue and be supplemented with word searches and games

Art, Design & Technology

The children will be using a variety of materials to make Egyptian artefacts – clay, card, fabric. They will be using pastels, crayon and pens to draw designs.

PE & Dance

PE will be focussed on team games and group cooperation. In dance the class will be learning sequenced movements based on an Egyptian theme.


Our maths topic work will focus on looking at 3D shapes. We will be learning the names of the main shapes and the correct vocabulary to describe them. The children will be thinking about the properties and uses of such shapes e.g. for building


Using voice to make different sounds – humming, whispering etc

Singing in different pitches

Many thanks, Class 11 Team

Help to meet my sons educational needs to the best of his abilitys

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September 2017

Pictor Academy

Pictor Academy caters for children aged 2 – 11 with special educational needs arising from a range of conditions. A large number of pupils have an autistic spectrum disorder. This means that they have difficulties communicating and interacting with others. They will also have difficulties with play and imagination. Some of our pupils have physical difficulties whilst others may have a language disorder or have a general developmental delay.

Mission Statement

We promote achievement for all and an enjoyment in learning for life

We help each pupil to succeed through a challenging curriculum, innovative teaching and highly trained, experienced staff

We build effective and engaging learning partnerships between school and home

Outreach Support

We are now able to offer the following outreach support to settings:

• observation and advice on meeting the needs of a targeted pupil including strategies, differentiating the curriculum and developing Individual Education Plans

• training packages to support a school in meeting the needs of a targeted pupil

• workshops for staff training and development