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Pictor Academy

Class 12

Class 12

January 2018

Stepping Back in Time

Sixties & Eighties

Our theme for Spring Term 1 is ‘Stepping Back in Time’.

Class 12 are looking forward to exploring this topic; our focus will be the sixties and eighties.

We are going to create lots of different sensory experiences and cannot wait to see how it all develops this half term.





Social and Communication

Specialist speech and language sessions using picture exchange communication system (PECS). PECS continuously used throughout the day in all sessions. Developing communication skills is a priority in class 12.

Snack sessions are vital as children are very motivated by food. Sessions are set out like a café so children have to travel, wait and communicate to receive preferred snack.

Verbal children in class 2 will also continue to use PECS to help develop their sentence structure and clarity of spoken language.

Two times a week Trips Out

Thursday trips: Visit new places to encourage children to develop their social and communication skills. Trips out will include: walking to local community – developing walking skills is essential.

All individually have different reasons for why a visit to each place is important.

Friday trips: Visit St Marys Café. This will encourage children to eat out and develop their PECS skills which in turn will provide greater communication skills towards class team adults and people of the local community.
Each trip will have a transition booklet to coincide with visit.

Parent Party: will be discussed with parents.


Areas in school

Children to use PECS to request in Sensory,
Rumpus and outside areas. Expectations differentiated depending on child.
Provide opportunities for intensive interactions and participate in TACPAC sessions at least once weekly.

including information to speech and language groups etc.

All children will have specific activities plan

Understanding the World

We will participate in role playing activities and look at the different clothes worn in time era. What people did for fun and how they did it.

Peace – plan our very own festival integrate parent party towards end of term.

We will also explore different sensory mediums including ice, cornflour, and slush etc in continuous provision play.


Reading: Class made photo PECS books exploring our past selves. Our main group story will be ‘Going on a bear hunt’ and sensory sessions will accompany this. This will be for the whole of spring term. Children can comment using PECS sentence strip differentiated to suit individual child.

Children will continue to share stories both adult and child led – Differentiated depending on child.
Writing/ mark making:

• Mark making booklets placed in independent work baskets and/or individual work activities

• Scrimbling and write dance

• Writing names and numbers – differentiated dependent upon child

•  Tasks to improve finer motor skills

Specific tasks in individual sessions relating to EAP targets which all differ dependent upon child.

My Creativity

We will explore different mediums used in the different eras including tye dye material, vinyl art and paint work.

We will develop our creative skills by making collages using different tools and equipment.
Children will explore sensory aspects such as feeling different materials using different parts of their bodies such as hands and feet including mud and UV paint.

Cooking – 60’s pizza and quiche
– 80s pasta salad and crispy pancakes


Group time: Number songs, regular counting practice and number/numicon matching / recognition.

Individual Work: Specific to current EAP targets.

Physical Development

Physical development is integrated continuously throughout all school days. Individual sessions with external practitioners include:

• Dance with Abigale dance in class

• Sports with SiS Sports coaches

• Swimming


Listening to music from the past and compare how music differs now. Look at different ways music was listened to i.e vinyl, cds and visual animations etc. What instruments were used.

Many thanks, Class 12 Team

Pictor made us feel included & not alone with what we are dealing with 🙂

Pictor Parent

September 2017

Pictor Academy

Pictor Academy caters for children aged 2 – 11 with special educational needs arising from a range of conditions. A large number of pupils have an autistic spectrum disorder. This means that they have difficulties communicating and interacting with others. They will also have difficulties with play and imagination. Some of our pupils have physical difficulties whilst others may have a language disorder or have a general developmental delay.

Mission Statement

We promote achievement for all and an enjoyment in learning for life

We help each pupil to succeed through a challenging curriculum, innovative teaching and highly trained, experienced staff

We build effective and engaging learning partnerships between school and home

Outreach Support

We are now able to offer the following outreach support to settings:

• observation and advice on meeting the needs of a targeted pupil including strategies, differentiating the curriculum and developing Individual Education Plans

• training packages to support a school in meeting the needs of a targeted pupil

• workshops for staff training and development