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Pictor Academy

Class 5

Class 5

January 2018

Medium Term Planning Class 5

Spring A. January – February 2018

Context for Learning

Cold & Icy –

What happens in Winter?

5.5 weeks





Play dough – make white & glitter for snow. Squeezing, tearing, roll into snowballs. Use animals to make footprints.

Painting – Winter colours for scrimbling
Painting winter items
Winter scene using dabbers & sprinkle glitter

Cutting & sticking cotton wool snowmen
Fabric collage clothes?

Cooking: making ice & fruit Ice lollies.

Enhancements / Events / Trips

Delivered through play and practical investigations, stories, songs, books, video and computer film clips.

Winter walks to see trees in Winter, feel cold and experience snow/ ice if possible.

Making and exploring ice.

Class books using photos to re-live events.

Weekly trips to local café


To begin to follow the class routine with support from visual & auditory cues.

To sit for group and snack time as part of a consistent routine and use of ‘go’ symbol to leave.
To sit for short, structured ‘work’ sessions with ‘go’ to leave

Working on individual targets for personal care and dressing skills.

Communication & Language

To request favourite activities or toys verbally or non verbally, using PECs choose board/ book.
To respond non verbally to favourite songs & rhymes To initiate a repeat of a game/song non- verbal request

To develop vocab & recognition of pictures/ symbols for Winter items such as clothing, cold, ice, snow…
Comment/ match items to pictures or label. Comment on / respond to photos of experiences in snow/ with ice.


Group time: Counting during daily Group session. Counting and dance songs.
Individual Work: individualised EAP targets. Counting motivating items using large Numicon. Matching Numicon/ numbers.

Counting Winter items – Numicon, Espresso games.


Group Stories/ Clips: ORT – Big Feet (footprints in snow), Pingu stories, Peppa Pig – Snow.

Winter themed songs.

Reading: Share class stories, make class versions of books. Phonics/ Letter recognition Songs, Espresso activities. Writing/ mark making: Daily mark making or fine motor control development activity

Understanding the World

Group sessions: share power point photos of cold things, ice, snow etc. Identify and label. Explore different clothes we wear to stay warm – hat, gloves etc. Sing “It’s gonna be cold, cold, cold…” and Hats songs.

Look at and touch ice, describe – hot or cold? Espresso games – Dress Ash. Ice: put toys in water and in freezer, what happens? Put colouring in. Make ice lollies.

Explore hidden items through play. Sequence photos.


Using touch screens to select songs by tapping or moving with contact to make marks Clicker 6 matching or labelling pictures by selecting word/ symbol label.

Physical Development

PE sessions – Mon: Wake Up Shake Up practice in small groups.
Wednesday: Following circuit of apparatus.

Individualised targets in EAPs for daily Sensory Circuits/ Physio/ Sensory OT advice.

Home Learning Ideas:

Go on a Winter Walk to experience the cold, how to dress for it, and to hunt for snow or ice! You might even find a penguin!
To share class books or photos.

You can log in to Espresso Online using
Username – student6798
Password – rabbit

Many thanks, Class 5 Team

Pictor has been a huge blessing for us as we have absolute piece of mind that our child is getting all the specialist support he needs. The staff have all been supportive and accessible. It feels like being part of a big family.

Pictor Parent

September 2017

Pictor Academy

Pictor Academy caters for children aged 2 – 11 with special educational needs arising from a range of conditions. A large number of pupils have an autistic spectrum disorder. This means that they have difficulties communicating and interacting with others. They will also have difficulties with play and imagination. Some of our pupils have physical difficulties whilst others may have a language disorder or have a general developmental delay.

Mission Statement

We promote achievement for all and an enjoyment in learning for life

We help each pupil to succeed through a challenging curriculum, innovative teaching and highly trained, experienced staff

We build effective and engaging learning partnerships between school and home

Outreach Support

We are now able to offer the following outreach support to settings:

• observation and advice on meeting the needs of a targeted pupil including strategies, differentiating the curriculum and developing Individual Education Plans

• training packages to support a school in meeting the needs of a targeted pupil

• workshops for staff training and development