Pictor Academy

Class 9

Class 9

January 2018

Half Term Planning Overview

Let me explain our planning this term, the KS2 topic is “A Long Time Ago”, which we will look at later in the topic, but the lads have so loved the Oxford Reading Tree books that this is where we are going to begin.





Oxford Reading Tree and A Long Time Ago

Week 1 – The Toy’s Party

Week 2 – New Trainers

Week 3 – A New Dog & What A Bad Dog

Week 4 – The Go Kart

Week 5 – Wren Stories

Week 6 – Our favourite stories when we were little

Week 7 – Our mum’s and dad’s favourite stories when they were little

Class Trips

Week 1 – Shop to buy ingredients

Week 2 – Shoe Shop

Week 3 – Dogs home

Week 4 – DIY store

Week 5 – Library

Week 6 – Class to choose

Week 7 – Somewhere old

My Creativity

Week 1 – Mess picture

Week 2 – Paint a Shoe

Week 3 – Colour a dog

Week 4 – Make a moving vehicle

Week 5 – Make a book

Week 6 – Based around our favourite book

Week 7 – You choose


First, second , third Multiplication and division Addition and subtraction to 50

Shape, Space & Measure. 3 D shapes

How big are our feet?

Big dog, small dog


Holding our pencil correctly

Writing our surnames, in small writing

Writing a shopping list

Looking at the pictures about our ORT books and writing some sentences, using iPad, Clicker 7 or PECS

Spelling High Frequency words

Reading – ORT books

At Home

Have some races, talk about first, second, third

Place some board games with a prize at the end. Practise jumping the number of steps on the di

Read some ORT books together

Many thanks, Class 9 Team

Pictor has been a huge blessing for us as we have absolute piece of mind that our child is getting all the specialist support he needs. The staff have all been supportive and accessible. It feels like being part of a big family.

Pictor Parent

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