The Disabled Living Monthly e-Newsletter

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The Disabled Living monthly e-newsletter provides an opportunity for our team to disseminate a wide variety of information which we hope you will find useful. This includes information about Disabled Living’s service developments, new equipment, funding sources, hot topics, training and events, and much more. We distribute our newsletter to over 70,000 people and we welcome your contribution.

Each edition will highlight the lesser known organisations and charities which will fund equipment, holidays etc for both adults and children. Did you know there are many hundreds of occupational charitable trusts who will provide grants for equipment? Take a look at page 6. As litigation is on the increase, health and social care professionals may find themselves ‘in the dock’. At the request of our professional colleagues we have developed a workshop to highlight a number of scenarios which you may find yourself in and how you can protect yourself through reporting and recording – page 7 will give you an overview.

There is a link to a film made by young people with disabilities on page 11. In the film, our budding filmmakers interviewed older people about their experiences of growing up with a disability and go on to discuss their ambitions for the future. The young people definitely put their own take on script writing and production! This film is the final film of a series of four about past and present services of Disabled Living. Are you good with a needle and thread or sewing machine and want to make your television debut? Find out more on page 17!